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Monet is a designer from California who focuses on making custom crochet clothing. 

Everything from the design and crochet is all done by Monet. The yarn used tends to vary from 100 percent cotton, acrylic, elastic mixes, as Monet tends to buy yarn by color allowing her to be inspired by the yarn first before any initial designs are made.

Each item is made according to the measurements that each client provides to me, this ensures a custom and perfect fit. I always ensure each piece is made from soft, comfortable, and breathable yarn. Crochet is special, each one of my items may vary from one another because everything is handmade, making every piece one of its kind. I pride myself on making each item fit each client perfectly, so yes! that includes all my big gurls! it doesn't matter to me because I make clothes for people. 

Thank you for supporting little o'l me!


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